Renu Sharma

Web Designer


This course is for students wanting to learn the concepts and techniques of effective web design. The course will enable you to design websites that are usable, accessible, and validate to the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations. A web-authoring tool will be used to assist in the production and maintenance of valid web documents. You will be able to produce, promote and maintain a navigable collection of web documents and gain some understanding of the team process of web design. This course prepares you for advanced studies in web project management and web programming, and to participate in the online world. Web designing is the field of IT education. It is used to designing used to design the web page and web site display on a web browser. I am complete the study of BCA and MSC(IT) Because I am interested in computer work.

  • Analyze a client’s business requirements for the website.
  • Use design tools to plan the website structure and develop wireframes in accordance because with a client’s business requirements.
  • Develop web pages in accordance because with a client’s business requirements that are usable and that validate the latest W3C recommendation.
  • Develop web pages so they are like accessible, responsive, optimized for search engines.
  • Incorporate interactivity on a web page.
  • Undertake cross-platform testing to ensure web page consistency across platforms.

Your content automatically looks its best across devices. intelligently optimize your work looks great likewise on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Learn WordPress integrated with one of the world’s most popular web publishing platforms for building blogs and websites.